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Journalism Matters is a chance for news media titles to tell their readers about the important job they do and why they do it. Anyone can take part by voicing their support for their newspaper and the highly trusted local journalism which underpins democracy. 


Guide for Newspapers


Journalism Matters celebrates the vital role and the importance of trusted journalism. The power of campaigning local journalism is also championed through the Making a Difference online public vote to find the best local newspaper campaign of the past year.  Every paper is different and how you and your newspaper participate in Journalism Matters will be down to you. But here are some ideas to get started:  

  • Use the Journalism Matters logos and key industry stats about local news media in your coverage;
  • Run a series of features highlighting your newspaper's recent campaigning achievements. This could include comment pieces or leaders; 
  • Publish interviews with high profile local figures such as politicians or celebrities explaining why trusted journalism is so important;
  • Explore potential opportunities such as sponsorship with your commercial partners;
  • Use key campaign hashtags #journalismmatters #makingadifference #trustednewsday and #buyapaper. 
  • Run a competition for readers, for example by inviting them to submit or post online pictures of themselves reading their paper;  
  • Appoint a guest editor such as a local celebrity or dignitary to edit the newspaper during Journalism Matters; 
  • Hold a reader surgery inviting readers to come and meet your journalists and find out more about the newspaper. 

Making a Difference


Making a Difference showcases the best campaigning work of local papers across the UK. At the start of LNW, an online vote will go live and the public will be invited to vote for their favourite campaign from the Making a Difference showcase. The winner will be announced by News Media Association vice chairman Henry Faure Walker at the Society of Editors Regional Press Awards on 17 May in London.  

Newspapers included in the shortlist can run stories in the run up to and during the vote encouraging readers to back their campaign. Editors and journalists can also use social media to secure the backing of readers, local MPs, and celebrities. 




On 16 May, the day before the Regional Press Awards, the industry will hold a #trustednewsday to show readers exactly how trusted news is gathered, produced and distributed over the course of the day.

Newspapers can get involved by hosting interactive events including live blogs revealing the workings of newsrooms on a day-to-day basis, and question and answer sessions with editors and journalists about your work. Last year, the #trustednewsday Thunderclap reached 2.5 million accounts and the hashtag trended on Twitter. 

For queries or questions about Journalism Matters please contact Paul Sinker paul@newsmediauk.org or Jessica Jones jessica@newsmediauk.org or call on 020 7963 7480.